Missing Punch Report for Nightly Email

LocationNameEmployee PinIn/OutDateTimeJob CodeReason
central_banksJean Cross157270Out06/07/202310:00 PM1811


ioniaAugustus Young160404In06/07/202304:45 PM1904

Got in early forgot to clock in didn't want clock in late and lose time

northvilleTillman Gibbs160179In06/06/202308:00 PM1457

Missed my clock in from lunch

northvilleTillman Gibbs160179In06/05/202303:00 PM1457

I came to work early and started working forgot to punch in at 3

portlandMichael Myers158094In06/06/202302:09 PM1723

Called away wasn't able to punch back in from lunch.

garden_cityPaul Rotondi139689Out06/06/202304:45 AM1086

Forgot to punch out

hastingsKassandra Pruden146289Out06/06/202304:00 PM1561

Forgot to clock out from summer meeting

hastingsAnthony Zalewski153991Out06/06/202304:00 PM1560

Forgot to clock in/out for the meeting

hastingsAnthony Zalewski153991In06/06/202303:00 PM1560

Forgot to punch in for the meeting

hollandGabrielle Cisneros160058Out06/06/202303:30 PM0662


hollandGabrielle Cisneros160058In06/06/202302:30 PM0662


central_banksJean Cross157270Out06/06/202301:00 AM0906

Could not do it

central_banksJean Cross157270Out06/06/202301:00 AM0906

Could not do it

comstock_parkKyler Veen159389Out06/05/202311:00 PM0428

Phones not working to clock in and out

lakeview_bcAshley Sutherland156037In06/05/202301:15 PM1601

Forgot because of the refresher

central_banksJean Cross157270In06/05/202304:59 PM0840


comstock_parkKyler Veen159389In06/05/202308:03 PM0428

Phones not working to punch in

comstock_parkKyler Veen159389Out06/05/202307:33 PM0428

All phones cannot contact the number

comstock_parkKyler Veen159389In06/05/202302:41 AM0427

Phone not working with number line, could not punch in

waylandTy Ordway160071Out06/05/202302:55 PM0554

I didn’t punch in either so punching out was even more confusing.

waylandTy Ordway160071In06/05/202308:45 AM0554

Woke up late and I didn’t know how exactly I should have punched in at dorr

north_banksJacob Pina159081In05/29/202301:05 PM0895

I tried to clock in and it said I was clocked in and then when I clocked out it said have a nice day thank you for working the holiday

Checked the MITC cloud and it said I have 0 min worked for that day

53_opsTiffany Gonzales160391In06/03/202309:15 AM0478

I forgot to punch in when I got there

south_banksDarrius White160079Out06/03/202303:25 AM1431

Phone still didn’t work

south_banksDarrius White160079Out06/03/202302:43 AM0172

Web clocked said I was punched out but wasn’t