Missing Punch Report for Nightly Email

LocationNameEmployee PinIn/OutDateTimeJob CodeReason
Birch_runSarahAnn Gendron154012In05/25/202211:45 PM1325

Came in and got right to work helping Hannah.

lakeview_bcJenny-Lynn Stocco157892In05/25/202205:00 PM1604

I simply forgot

portageTaylor Polmateer157815Out05/23/202210:30 PM1438

I forgot to clock out before leaving for the night.

officeHunter Tomaszewski157324In05/25/202207:01 AM0002

Forgot to clock-in

mount_pleasantVirgil Olson157162Out05/24/202210:36 PM1389

Forgot to clock out of bus garage

mount_pleasantVirgil Olson157162In05/24/202209:56 PM1389

Forgot to clock in to bus garage

mount_pleasantVirgil Olson157162In05/24/202202:55 PM1375

Forgot to clock in

Holland HighDwan Watts154380Out05/23/202210:03 AM0666

Accidentally submitted as a clock-in on the phones, submitted at front desk

mount_pleasantJeremy Fisher135173Out05/23/202211:20 PM1381

Desk phone not working

northvilleAshlee Vandelinder157851Out05/10/202211:04 PM1453

2nd day

northvilleAshlee Vandelinder157851In05/10/202203:15 PM1453

2nd day

Birmingham PembrookJames Morgan156090Out05/20/202201:30 PM1578

Forgot to clock out on Friday, school had a carnival that required him to work longer than normal

mount_pleasantAlecea Foster157408In05/23/202210:30 AM5377

There was a fire drill

Gaylord S MapleSandy Rider151079Out05/22/202201:00 PM0929

Supposed to clock out at 1:00pm but forgot to clock out until 6:00pm

gaylordSandy Rider151079Out05/20/202206:00 PM0929

Loss of power

gaylordSandy Rider151079Out05/22/202206:00 PM0929

No power

garden_cityMark Browning140162Out05/21/202210:00 AM1086

Was told I missed the punch,. I thought I punched out that morning? Guess I missed it 💁‍♂️ Thanks.

cedar_springsJackie Hatch156209Out05/16/202204:00 PM0721


cedar_springsJackie Hatch156209In05/16/202205:45 AM0721


gaylordAlexander McPherson146226Out05/20/202205:30 PM0927


gaylordAlexander McPherson146226In05/20/202204:45 PM0927


portageBryanna Honda156606Out05/18/202211:00 PM1427

Phone issues

portageBryanna Honda156606In05/18/202203:00 PM1427

Phone issues

mount_pleasantVirgil Olson157162Out05/21/202208:08 PM1389

Forgot to clock out of the bus garage

hartlandGloria Johnson-Hayes157858Out05/13/202212:40 PM1076

tested positive for covid-19 couldn't touch phone