Equipment Repair Automated-last 60 days

Date CreatedNameManagerLocationBuildingLocation in BuildingGRBS/Serial #IssueStatusNotesLink to Edit Entry
May 25, 2022Lisa ClearWilliam MaherwaylandWAYLAND/PINEUpstairs custodian closet9004138

Speed scrubber is not sucking up dirt leave muddy streaks

May 25, 2022John MitchellJohn MitchellNorthvilleHigh schoolMain closet1763

Need a vacuume motor for the Kai vac

May 24, 2022Shayia ThompsonAngela SissonnorthvilleMoraineReceiving room4208

Machine is releasing less water after every use into the dirty water tank. Clean water tank smells and is believed to be mixing with dirty water.

May 23, 2022Jay BeckettJoseph Meekhofcomstock_parkStoney CreekStorage room between hall and cafeN/a

Needs vacuum motor put in


May 19, 2022Jessica PerryJessica BowengaylordSouth MapleBack boiler room000556

It sounds like a drilling operation with the pad on the floor and we have been having issues with it not giving out water we checked the water filter and it’s good

May 19, 2022Joseph MeekhofJoseph MeekhofCedar BeachCEDAR SPRINGS/BEACHCloset by cafeteria1056

Rubber squeegee parts are torn will need replacing.

May 18, 2022Lisa ClearWilliam MaherwaylandWAYLAND/PINECustodian closet upstairs021990

Short in tail of vacuum keeps turning off/on

May 16, 2022Tracy WiremanJohn WojcikioniaJeffersonCage area in gymNo number

Not sucking up just pushing dirty water around and when it's shut off it leaks alot

May 12, 2022Tracy WiremanJohn WojcikioniaHigh schoolSupply roomNo number

We believe the switch went out that's where it was smoking from now it won't start

May 10, 2022Joe MaherWilliam Maherbyron_centerWAYLAND/HIGHMain closetNA

Wire connector is off of a Whittaker and machine does not operate

April 29, 2022Clifford SianJessica Bowenmount_pleasantMt Pleasant Middle school. 1375Custodial closetCan not find it

Floor scrubber ICE model RS26. The machine died twice but worked after restarting.

Closedcliff reports no longer an issue
April 29, 2022Shane PetersonShane PetersonofficeLakeview bc highLoading dockIn pictures

Pad driver damaged they ran something over and they ripped the spikes off. I think this was neglect and the steering wheel moves freely and or is damaged as well with the wheel.

Closedscheduled kss tech to assess 5.2
April 28, 2022Jay BeckettMichael VandenBergcomstock_parkStoney CreekStorage room2150. 1858

It doesn't pump

It doesn't even attempt to pump water into the hose.
It doesn't even sound right.

Closedkss scheduled 5.3
April 27, 2022Jay BeckettMichael VandenBergcomstock_parkHigh SchoolCustodial cliset1111

Disregard last night's report ....we got it....

April 27, 2022Robert KetzlerAngela Sissonbirch_runHigh school132686359580 front squeegee, 86359570 rear squeegee for chariot 3 iscrub 26Closedordered 5.2
April 25, 2022Claude LemmerJessica Bowenmount_pleasantMiddle schoolCustodialICE ride on scrubber

Right lift arm is broken

Closednichols sheduled
April 22, 2022Lorretta SnyderJohn WojcikdewittMiddle SchoolIn the hall by our closet, across from gym3510180401362

Will not keep a charge. Will die with in 45 minutes to 1 hour when using

Closedjohn w to pick up batteries from gr warehouse
April 21, 2022Claude LemmerJames Geemount_pleasantHSLoading dockNobles Ride on

We have had problems with this machine for a while. Now it will only go a little way then stall. Turn the key off then back on then the same. We have a request to clean the gym floor and can not do it.

Closedseat switch ordered
April 20, 2022Claude LemmerJessica Bowenmount_pleasantVowelsCustodialBissel cleanview

Cord pulled out

April 19, 2022Reba HullibergerNick Langendorfercedar_springsHsBy my officeNot sure

I have a vacuum that was Wires showing

April 19, 2022Reba HullibergerNick Langendorfercedar_springsHsBy my officeNot sure

I have an upright vacuum that does not turn off unless you unplug it. It's a red upright

April 19, 2022KeShayn DysonKeShayn DysonpontiacAlcottIn the gym custodial closetGreen floor machine

The floors don’t look perfect like they would if we used the blue floor machine. The green floor machine is leaving streaks and not picking up as well as the blue floor machine.

Closedjohn m assessing 4.29
April 18, 2022Jay BeckettMichael VandenBergcomstock_parkHigh SchoolAuditorium custodial closet1550 - 93

Needs a vacuum motor and new nozzel

April 18, 2022Shayia ThompsonAngela SissonnorthvilleNORTHVILLE/MORAINEReceiving Area4208

Squeegee needs to be reattached and water is not coming out.

April 15, 2022Joe MaherWilliam Maherbyron_centerWAYLAND/MIDDLE6th grade hall closetSSR-10428645

Side squeegee frame has broken off. Needs to be replaced

Closedcustomer to replace unit