Call offs within the last 30 Days

NameEmployee IDCall Off DateReason for Call Off
jasmine miller15169610/19/2021She has an emergency at home.
Christopher Jones14355710/19/2021Lactose Intolerant--Woke up with stomach cramps. Refused offer to make up hours over the weekend.
Madison Moss15217810/19/2021Exposed to Covid - Going to get test today.
Madison Moss15217810/18/2021Covid test pending
Jeffery Welsh31913510/18/2021Medical. Not recovering from Covid
Jacob Taschereau15161510/18/2021Sick. Willing to make up the shift on the weekend.
LaShon Potts15566410/18/2021sick. Willing to make up the shift on the weekend.
Shamaya Harris15438310/18/2021Sick--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
Jamar Anderson15540810/18/2021taking care of his son with no transportation
GRBS Bowen11111110/19/2021testing
Elana Walton15308510/18/2021Taking care of her sick son today.
I'Anna Jones15528810/18/2021In the hospital due to illness
Sara Zandstra14627710/18/2021chest pain. Willing to make up the shift on the weekend
Rylisha Richardson15569310/18/2021Going to urgent care
Anthony Childers15153910/18/2021Family Emergency
Keegan Nielsen15245810/18/2021Sick--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
Jasmine Soggs15599110/18/2021Has to take her daughter to hospital again.
Kaleema Bobo-Byrd15481110/18/2021Attending a funeral.
Rosalinda Humphrey31890510/18/2021Already requested days off - Doctor requested that she be admitted a day early to run tests.
Brandon Sutter15329410/18/2021Personal
Sabrina Stuckey15602210/18/2021Family Emergency
Lataya Thomas15238510/18/2021Family Emergency
Steven Mann14407910/18/2021Sick--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
De'Andre Walters13901810/18/2021Personal
Skyler Schaefer15615810/18/2021Husband was admitted into the hospital.
Colleen Brock13990710/18/2021Personal Medical Emergency
Lea O'neal15566710/18/2021Sick
Shalia Nelson15581110/18/2021Time of the month--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
Quovontai Minor15375710/18/2021Dr. Appointment--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
Julianna Cramer15553010/18/2021Sick--Going to the ER.
Leshaina Shearrod15179710/18/2021Had a blow out, hit head going to the ER.
Sierra Walker14562510/18/2021Childcare; school will not let son go to school because he has a cold.
Alicia Williams15621710/18/2021Today she will be in late 1:00PM; her daughter has a doctors appointment. Tomorrow she will not be in at all due to her own doctors appointment.
Quantae James15194610/18/2021Sick
Albertine Hargrove15474410/18/2021Sick
Madalynn Deloof15604210/14/2021Family issues. Willing to make up the shift on the weekend.
Briana Williamson15599910/15/2021Willing to make up shift on the weekend. Sick
Shayla Cartwright15622310/15/2021Sick. Willing to make up the shift on the weekend.
Madalynn Deloof15604210/15/2021Family issues. Willing to make up the shift on the weekend.
Anquinnette Mccrimmon14297510/15/2021Covid Symptoms. Waiting for test results
Brandon Sutter15329410/14/2021Had a military drill on Thursday and Friday. Said he called off for those days on Wednesday night but it wasn't put in properly.
Brianna Newkirk15392810/15/2021dad is in the hospital. Taking care of him
April Cowart15545210/15/2021In ER for stomach
Shamaya Harris15438310/15/2021Personal
Elana Walton15308510/15/2021Family Emergency
Teejay Hawkins15516110/15/2021Family Emergency
Michael Campbell13665110/15/2021Sick
Demarcus Norwood15517510/15/2021Sick
Rosalinda Cornejo15208210/15/2021Sick
Atina Smith14688110/15/2021Called into her other job, there was an emergency.
Kortne Lee15454210/15/2021Family Emergency--Already spoke with her manager.
LaShonnda Holman15173910/15/2021Sick--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
Kylyn Peurasaari15596510/15/2021Sick
Bobby Mason-Green Jr15608110/20/2021Other
Sergio Rodriguez15540310/15/2021Sick
Kasie Griffin15602910/15/2021Car wouldn't start.
Saundra Puckett14711410/15/2021Sick
Lamonte Oneal14721410/15/2021Family Emergency
David Bennett15571810/15/2021Still having issues with his teeth.
Shokana Blevins15532310/15/2021Doctors appointment
Leza Stafford15549910/14/2021Can't keep blood sugar regulated tonight
Jeanette Secord15483610/14/2021Exposed to Covid
Madalynn Deloof15604210/14/2021Childcare
Jessica Garrow15494110/14/2021Sick
Schronda Coleman15451310/14/2021Family Emergency
Jiorvani Polynice15592310/14/2021Car is in the shop
Cheryl Brewer15589010/15/2021Sick
Harmony Brown15608810/14/2021Sick
Frederick Kalep12865110/15/2021worked too many hours this week for social security
Brandon Hensler15565610/14/2021Cyst in his back, currently in hospital
Sara Zandstra14627710/14/2021Family Emergency
April Cowart15545210/14/2021Sick
Angela Boonstra14147610/14/2021Transportation--Willing to make up on Saturday.
De'Andre Walters13901810/14/2021Sick
Jaiden Reed15516610/14/2021Sick
Rena Williams15551710/14/2021Sick
Breanna Ortiz15582210/14/2021All three of her kids have RSV.
Leah Timmer15288610/14/2021Can not work anymore hours or it will affect her disability payments.
Brittani Arnold15581210/14/2021Getting teeth pulled.--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
Courtney Smith15531510/14/2021Mixed up her medications and she isn't able to focus. Declined offer to makeup work over the weekend.
Demarcus Norwood15575110/14/2021Eye Appointment-eyes dilated and can't see. Willing to pick up a weekend shift.
Jonathan Marrero15577110/14/2021He said something came up--wanted to let us know that he didn't have to hotline number to call in before his shift started. He already spoke with his manager.
Christopher Jones14355710/14/2021Traffic
Keith Cichocki13608710/14/2021Eye injury--Has a doctors appointment.
Deborah Corbin15251910/14/2021Went to see a knee a specialist yesterday and got cortisone shots and both knees. She can't put pressure on one of her knees today.
David Bennett15571810/14/2021Dentist did extractions and fillings.
Antwanette Woods15357710/14/2021Both daughters are sick--She will get a doctors note.
James Slagel Jr14252910/14/2021Fell and busted his knee this morning.
Jamel Swift15614210/14/2021Sick--Willing to make up hours over the weekend.
Deborah Thomas15482610/14/2021Sick
Leshaina Shearrod15179710/14/2021Has a couple of appointments. Already spoke with Nadhi.
Troya Booker14591010/13/2021Personal
Jessica Partlow15465110/13/2021Medical reasons
Anquinnette Mccrimmon14297510/13/2021Covid Symptoms
Rena Williams15551710/13/2021Sick
Jessica Mathews15577610/13/2021Covid recovery
Brandon Hensler15565610/13/2021Cyst in his back needed to be drained
Shamaya Harris15438310/13/2021Personal
Crystal Coy14481510/13/2021Back and legs are hurting
Cristin Nelson15494210/13/2021Funeral