On-Site Orientation Instructions

Please bring two forms of acceptable ID. Most new hires bring their driver’s license and social security card or birth certificate.  If you do not have those items let your Human Resources Recruiter know. Please click here for acceptable forms of identification. NO PHOTO COPIES OR EXPIRED DOCUMENTS.

You will need to fill out three documents to begin getting paid. You can follow the links below to print them out and bring them with you, or copies will be available for you to complete at your orientation.

You will also need to bring a voided check or pre-printed deposit slip to set up your direct deposit.

Orientation will take approximately 2 hours. Afterwards, you will go directly to your work location for your first day of training. You will receive your GRBS uniform shirts during orientation as well as your ID badge. Please dress in tan pants and work boots.

Thank you for selecting GRBS as your employer of choice. We are happy to welcome you to our family. We look forward to working with you, and remember to tell your friends!