Guide to Internal Promotions

Human Resources Role:

  • Regional newsletters to include postings for regional Leadership Opportunities.
  • The Recruiter to speak with CAM and District Coordinator/District Supervisor for internal candidates, validating work history, aptitude, attitude, and attendance.
  • Based upon gathered information, a constructive decision will be made to formally interview the internal candidate or discuss their areas of needed improvement before seeking a promotion.

Employee Role for Applying for Internal Postings:

GRBS, Inc. values our existing employees and as such, invite all employees to monitor postings for promotional opportunities. Before you decide to apply for a different position, please review the guidelines for promotional opportunities for you now.

Six Months: We believe in training; part of being trained is repetitively completing your current position for six months. Being in a position for six months allows you to master your current job description and the exceptions that happen every day! Six months experience gives you a chance to see a bigger picture of how your job fits into the rest of your building and district.

Attendance: Being at work every day is critical to your success as well as your entire team. If you have a history of attendance issues, re-commit yourself to being at work every day and build yourself a new attendance history before applying. Promotions bring additional responsibility and if you are unable to be at work, you aren’t able to taking on more responsibility.

Quality: The quality of your work is very important to the success of your team and to keeping your current position. To be promoted you must have a history of excellent quality work, free of write ups and disciplinary action. Quality not as good as it could be? Capable of more or better? It may be best
to delay your application for a promotion at this time and rebuild your credibility as an employee focused on high quality results.

Ready to Apply? Contact your Human Resource Recruiter to start the process of applying for a promotion or CLICK HERE for current job postings and to submit an inquiry.