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Reason for Calling Department Phone Numbers
Call off from work 24/7 Grand Rapids Front Office 800-441-4463
Punching in and out of work Payroll 844-275-3713
Payroll issues:
Concerns with accuracy of paycheck

Concern with direct deposit

Issues getting into Paycor

1st Call is to be placed to your manager for resolution 800-441-4463
Need a Paycard Call your HR recruiter
Signing up for Direct Deposit Submit on employee portal
Change of information on your file:

  • Address
  • Tax Status
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail address
Human Resources 800-410-1181
Where Do I send my Verification forms (DHS forms, housing forms, mortgage forms)? Grand Rapids Front Office
Send all forms by fax
1-616-451-2201 (Fax number)
OR Mail to us at:
GRBS, Inc.
1200 Front Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Order of supplies or reporting Broken Equipment Supply Department e-mail:
Main Office:
Reporting an Accident or Injury First Call to your Supervisor
Second call to your Manager
Third call to GRBS Safety Officer
GRBS Safety Officer:
1-616-890-1499 (cell phone)
Grand Rapids Front Office:
Fax # to send the accident report and doctors notes:1-616-451-2201
Unresolved complaint or concern First call should always be to your Supervisor or Manager.  If that does not resolve the issue for you, then you may call your HR Representative 800-441-4463 (office)
800-410-1181 (Human Resources)